Sunday, June 27, 2010

Ode To Dad

Dan has been going non-stop these last few months with school, work, and his ever demanding home life. He takes everything in stride and takes special care to spend quality time with Eli. Every time Dan comes into the room Eli lights up with a big smile. We are so lucky to have our Daddy Dan and thank him so much for all he does!

Day at The Park

We are loving this great weather. We head outside pretty much every chance we get. Eli loves the swing and will go down the slide as long as Mom goes with him.

Chunky Monkey

Eli is the picture of health. He's a hefty 21 lbs and is growing more and more everyday. He fits 12-18 months size clothes...I just hope he slims down when he starts crawling or I'm going to have to buy him a new wardrobe every month!

"Here Mom, let me have that camera."

"Chubby? Me? Naw...its just loose skin..."

Eli flaps his arms so fast I swear he's going to take off some day.

Eli Gets a New Room!

Well, its really his old room with a new look. A week ago I finally moved the bed that was occupying the majority of Eli's room down to the basement. This has opened up a new world of play space up stairs. We spend hours playing on the floor with blocks and stuffed animals and other fun toys. I put in new curtains and bought a fun rug at Ikea. All it all it has been a over-due and much loved change-up.

Trip Up American Fork Canyon

This past week Eli and I joined Kathryn and crew for a lovely adventure up American Fork Canyon. The creek was raging and the leaves were blessed green. We had a great time playing in the dirt and watching Alex skateboard. Eli is definitely an out-doors kind of kid!

Eli LOVES his cool-dude sunglasses from Grandma Meiners.

Life is GOOD!

Can you spot the Ian?

With Auntie Kathryn.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Grandma Garfield's 98th Birthday Party

We headed up to Tremonton to attend the birthday party of our dear Grandma Garfield. She turned 98 on June 3 and is as sharp and happy as ever. She was able to meet Eli for the first time and the two hit it off right away.

Uncle Sam.

Gardening Garfield Style

We spent a lovely evening out in the yard a few nights ago. Dan had a lot of work to do and decided to take Eli along so I could finish weeding the garden. Eli LOVED his perched behind Daddy in his new back pack on loan from Jeff and Bridget.

Loading up old wood.

The aforementioned garden...looking much better

The gang waiting for Dan to finish hacking at the dead cherry tree with a hatchet.

Doing what he does best...eating things...

Yay! Loving the out of doors!