Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thanksgiving: A Hodge Podge

I've been so slow in posting about our goings-on lately. We've been a busy bunch around here! Thanksgiving came and went so fast that I can hardly believe its already over. Dan took the whole week off and we had such a lovely time taking a little "staycation" around Utah County. 
We went to see the Governor pardon a turkey at Thanksgiving Point. Mostly because it was free...and we needed things to do to keep the kiddies entertained. 


Dan made the crust. I put it together. It was a yummy yummy pie. 

I went to Walmart on Thanksgiving at 8...a new take on Black Friday. It was surprisingly not horrifying.

The day after Thanksgiving...Eli was a little zombified. 

Everyone was pretty tired. 

  Gratuitous dog shot. 
Another Daddy outing. 

***You'll note there are no pics of the actual Thanksgiving meal...Dan took all those. If we can get our act together and get the pics off his phone I'll post a Thanksgiving Part Two: Actual Thanksgiving. 

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Beginning of the Cooler Times

November is here and I remember why I love this month. It's cooler...crisper...and the holidays are just around the corner! Here are a few shots from this past week as we slide into winter. 
Horsing around.
Drumming around. 
Gunning around. 
Triking around
Voting around. 
Pruning around. 
Playing around.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012

Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year. Us Garfields take our spooky-scary pretty seriously. This year was no exception! We went to just about every harvest-y venue around and did all the usual Halloween activities. A good time was indeed had by all!
 Pumpkins! Eli like the stabby stabby motion. 

 We went to Gardner Historical Village for the witches night. It was a blast! Eli loved it...but was a little  scared of the ladies in their witchy garb. 
 On to trick or treating! Eli loved could he not?? Candy...buddies...more candy...more buddies...his scene for sure. 

 Daddy takes a break. 
 My little medieval group. 
 Sammy was a horse...he wasn't thrilled about it. 
 A little happier here. 
 Mommy and Dragon. 
 Cleaning up a messy horsy.

This year I decided to bring back an old tradition...I made batches and batches of home-made donuts and heated up some yummy apple cider to give out to trick or treaters.  It was fun...but a LOT of work. I think in the end I made over 60 made for a very hot and tired me by the end of the night. I think if I do it again I'll just pony up and buy the donuts. 
 Every year Dan's office goes insane for Halloween. This year his department decorated an Area 51 type set-up. They went all out...and took first place!
Dan had an alien coming out of his chest. He should get that looked at.