Monday, November 14, 2011

Birthday Celebrations

Eli's actual birthday isn't for another two weeks but I thought we'd celebrate early this year. Having a birthday party right around Thanksgiving is just too much of a hassle for all involved.

I booked the church and we had a great time. Since I've become a smart phone junkie I pretty much only take pics with my phone these days. Most of the time they turn out great but the ones from his party look a little jaundice...oh well. Thank to all who came and made Eli such a happy birthday boy!

He was way into presents...but more so carry them around wrapped than actually opening them.
Daddy helps out.
Cake eater.
Singing the birthday song! I figure since Micheal Jackson is dead we don't have to pay royalties. (too soon?)
This was take 2 on the cake. The first had...shall we say...structural damages? It's still sitting in my fridge if anyone wants a piece.
The piniata was a big hit. Get it??!! Oh man.
I love this picture of Eli on the attack.
Playing with "Bumpa".

Last but not's a video of Eli whacking the piniata.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

This is Halloween!

We had a fantastic Halloween season this year. Eli loved what I'm sure he thought was the biggest candy haul he'd ever seen and Dan and I loved watching his bewildered face as he took in the costumes and goings on. The above is from our ward carnival. It was one in a series of candy fests that we took Eli to in good faith in which we rapidly retracted the onslaught of sweets leaving a very confused and sad two year old. Live and learn.

He wasn't too excited about pumpkin carving. We tried to get him in the spirit of things, but he was mostly interested in stabbing them with sharp objects.
Dan's pumpkin won first prize in our family carving contest. Pics upcoming...
Stab. Stab.
Blurry but awesome pic of our pumpkins. I mean seriously....look at Dan''s the Oogie one.
Now for the important things: Trick-or-treating. Eli liked it overall...but I think he was pretty bewildered by the process. At first he didn't want to move on to more houses before he'd consumed the previous bounty. When he figured out that wasn't going to happen he started running from house to house yelling "TREAAAAT!". It was awesome.

Here he is after House 1 eating his loot.

Best pic of Eli in his costume. We forgot the bandanna for this one...but amazingly cute.