Friday, April 26, 2013

April Showers

Here's a bit of a picture dump from this month. Enjoy!

 Dan set up the tent in the backyard and read the boys stories on a Sunday afternoon. 
 He's a charmer. 
 I got sick this week and the boys had a day of snacks, tv, and lots of messes. 
 Sammy tries out the scooter. 
Spring has really sprung around. I'd take credit, but most of the bulbs were there before we bought the house last year. 
 Mornings out our window. 
 Sammy's curl.
 Boy time. 

 Sammy plays DDR. 
A teething cranky boy. 

Homefront Adventures: Trip to SLC

Last weekend we made our way up to SLC and enjoyed a lovely afternoon as tourists. The flowers were in full bloom and the whole city looked like popcorn. 

 Sammy has been less than happy these days due to lots of teeth coming in. He pretty much rolled around FDR style and grumbled at everything. 
 The temple looked so pretty in the rain. 
 Daddy and boy. 
 Explaining things to the boy. 
 Little fam. 

 Sammy walks on Eliza R Snow. 

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Homefront Adventures: Eureka

This last weekend Dan did some research and found this crazy cool little town down about an hour south of us he wanted to explore. Well, we're all into exploration around here so we bundled up and headed out! It was so amazing. Eureka is a little mining town that was bustling in the 1920s but is now all but a ghost town. There are some residents but the town center is silent and derelict. We had such a good time exploring around and looking at all the old relics. Be prepared for lots of pictures. 

 Me and a thumb.
Sammy gest his picture taken...
 ...daddy sets up the shot. 

Looking in an old store front. 

 There's an old train car in the middle of town. At first we thought the inside was inaccesible so we climbed around outside. 
 Not so! Someone left the back door open!

It was pretty amazing inside...but I made the boys wash their hands really well when we left. 

 We want to come back again and take a tour of this place. The inside looked creepy beyond belief. 

 Daddy teaches the boys about how old timey washing machines work. 

 The boys had an absolute bast running around and exploring. If the weather had been warmer we would have stayed much longer. 

 My attempt at getting a good pic of Eli and me. 

 Eli reflects on the passage of time. 
Finn and I take a look.