Thursday, March 25, 2010

March Maddness

Tonight Dan and I decided we'd spent enough time in the house and headed out for a little Provo adventuring. We suited up the boy and headed out.

He looks exited now...but he doesn't know that this trip involves lots of car seat time.

Let's go guys!

We drove out to Utah Lake and did some exploring. It was blustery but I'd forgotten how beautiful that lake looks at sunset.
Dan ventured out of the car but I took in the sights from inside somewhere with a heater.

On the way home we found a deer! And Dan fed it! What fun!

The end.

Adventures in Rice Cereal

We decided, after a night of hourly feedings, that Eli might be ready for a little more substance to his meals. So this morning I tried feeding him a little rice cereal mixed with formula. We started with a spoon and then I gave up and just put it in his bottle.

Over all...I don't think he thought much of it...I think we may have to start with it a sneak attack!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Silly Doggie!

Indi has a whole backyard to herself...and where does she choose to rest her laurels? Right where our garden is about to be planted. She'd better learn soon that her resting place is about to become very off-limits. Ahhh...the dog.

Four Month Appointment

Eli went to his four month appointment today. All in all it was a good time. He got two shots-wailed a little-and was measured and weighed. He clocks in at 16.8 lbs, 24 inches long and has a 43 centimeter wide head. The doctor said he looks as healthy as they come.

Stop kissin me Mom!

Little legs with little bandaids

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Laundry Baby!

Eli's been a little (read: very) clingy lately and hasn't wanted me to put him down. Yesterday I just had to get dinner started and so I set him in the laundry basket for a sec to wash my hands...thinking he would start screaming instantly. Low and behold...he loved it! He spent about twenty minutes in there just kicking and laughing. This may turn into a regular spot for him.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Eli's Birth

So since I just started this blog thingy today I'm trying to post all the old pics I have. I promise I won't update it twenty times a day on a regular basis. Or maybe I will. My kid is pretty cute. Here are some beauties you might not have seen from when little guy was born. It was a great day. Its amazing how I've already forgotten some of the major details of his birth like that the epidural made be really nauseous and gave me the shakes and that I watched a hunting show while I was having hard labor pains.

Its's crazy to look at these pics and think that Eli is now 3 months old and so big and strong. Those first few weeks were pretty crazy but so wonderful. Awwwww.

Gearing up for the big day. Pitocin going strong.

One of Eli's first pictures. He's about ten minutes old here and not sure about this whole "life" thing.

So tired after his big entrance.

Leedle foot next to Daddy's big hand.

So tiny.

First time in the car seat getting ready for the ride home from the hospital.

Proud Papa.

Eli in Da Hood

Here's Eli modeling the latest in urban baby fashion...

Garfield Happenings

I just down loaded a bunch of pics that don't really fall into any one event so I'll just dump them here for your perusal.
Eli wears his awesome Aunt Rachel Tibetan hat
Saddest face. Ever.
Indi and I playing Scrabble.

Here's Daddy Dan serenading Eli to sleep.

Valentines Dance

A few weeks ago for Valentines Day Dan and I decided to make an appearance at the stake valentines dance. We stayed for 20 minutes, ate a cookie or two, got our picture taken and then took off. All in all it was a good night had by all. I even wore my high school prom dress. Fun!