Thursday, June 30, 2011

Lil' Book Worm

Eli has discovered books! He knew of them previously, but he is really discovering the goodness that comes from sitting and reading (or looking) at the written word. More and more lately I find him on the ground with a few children's books "reading" them to himself out loud. It mostly sounds like "DeeedooofrumpBLAH" but I love it nonetheless.

A Night Out

In May we celebrated two Garfield graduates! Rebecca and Rachel both received masters degrees and we partied hardy in honor of their great accomplishments. Here are a few shots from Rebecca's after-graduation party. Notice the lack of baby and the presence of make-up.

Reba and I show off the bling (that's what the kids call it these days...right?)

Rachel and friend...whose name I forgot.

Yes...Dan is wearing a necklace.

Other party attendees who need no introduction.

He is The Walrus

I'm attempting to post a's my first try. This was Eli last night after dinner being very punchy. Notice the lack of shirt...its the only way to eat pasta sauce...


Ah ha! I found a card reader. Be prepared for a few new posts coming your way. First off...Moab! We went over Memorial day weekend way back when and had a lovely time. Jeff and Bridget plus boys met up with us at a great condo just a little out of town. Mom and Dad drove down with us and we had a grand time. Here are a few shots. I didn't take many pics..

Eli, Josh and Daddy rolling around the red rocks.

Swimming at the condo, Eli's favorite activity.

Dan and I at Dead Horse Point.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Red Butte Gardens

I have so many posts to update but don't have a card reader right now. So I'm going to post these most recent pics and then will have to play catch up when I can get things off my camera.

This last weekend was a fun one! We had a wedding and a missionary farewell all in the same two days. After all the festivities Dad, Mom, Brad, Cristy, Eli and I headed up to Red Butte gardens for a very lovely evening in the flowers. Here are a few shots from my papa.

Eli found water. And after some futile attempt to keep him dry I just stripped him down and let him play. He LOVED it. Major tantrums when we left.

I love this pic. Cristy and Eli because really good buddies.

That's about as close up as I will allow to be photographed right now. I don't want posterity to know I looked like a crack addict at any point in my life.