Wednesday, February 27, 2013

February Round Up

Like January, February has dragged on and on. Some people love this month for Valentines Day and what-not. I say, if there's snow on the ground, no amount of red paper hearts and awkward FB status updates about not having a boyfriend can make it better. We survived and had a little fun in the process.  Here's our round up from the month. (Can you tell I'm trying my derndest to rush this month on by?)

 Three stooges. 
 I dressed Eli up all fancy-like for preschool on V Day. 
 We met up with some friends at the BYU MOA a few weeks back. It was a great time. There was a super hero comic book exhibit that the kids loved. One of the installations was just an old couch and a tv playing classic cartoons. Perfect. 
 I finally took on the living room. I still have a ways to go and keep stalling but we're getting there. I do hate using yellow paint. It feels like I have to make a thousand coats because I can always see streaks. Oh well. Come see us next year and my dream house will be done!
 Eli helps up pick out paint. 
 Sammy decided he's not a big fan of indoor play structures when Mom isn't standing right by him. 
Babies and spaghetti 

 I'm pretty sure Eli broke his toe. He dropped a big jar of jam on it and has been hobbling around ever since. The doc said there's nothing we can really do for it...but in the mean time I've got a screamer every time I try to put socks on him. 
 Oh my sweet heavens. 
 Puttin on the Rtiz. 
 Milk time. My boys are both mega milk addicts. I have to monitor closely how much milk I give them or they could have it all day. Even still we're going through about 6 gallons a week between the four of us. 

DC Trip!

Every few years I am able to steal away and spend some time with my sister Cristy in DC. Due to some very generous baby-sitting from my folks and an amazing husband I was able to go this last weekend. Cristy and I had a lovely time. I didn't take too many photos...we were having too much fun to stop for that...but I did snap a few. Enjoy!
At the botanical gardens. I love this place so much. It feels like Hawaii indoors. 

 La Casa Blanca
 When Cristy asked my what I wanted to do I said "take me to a restaurant Anthony Bourdain has eaten at". She did. And it was one of the best meal I have every eaten. A little place called "Oyamel" right off the Mall. It was extremely authentic Mexican food. I got a beet salad that made me want to cry and for desert we shared a pastel de tres leches that did make us tear up. 

 National Gallery Rotunda.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

All Aboard!

Eli has been begging to ride the new Frontrunner train since the line opened near our house last October. We see it run by the road all the time and just haven't had a chance to take a ride. We changed that tonight and took off for an adventure in SLC. Eli LOVED it and wanted to run around the train for the whole 40 minute ride. So did it was a little chaotic but what outing for our family isn't these days?!

Window gazing

Waiting for the train. 

Parcour at the station.  

Sammy gets cool.

Eli's a ninja on the train.