Monday, May 21, 2012

Neptune Park

Church is at 1pm. It is an unpleasant schedule for kids of all ages. We've been getting creative with ways to survive. This week's plan was to take Eli to a park Sunday morning and tire him out so he'd take an early nap and be ready for church by 1. It did not work...but we had a great time! This park is awesome. It's out in the middle of nowhere Saratoga Springs but it has play equipment like I've never seen.
 I include this one because I think it sort of sums up the way my life runs right now: baby blanket over the shoulder, dog tugging on a leash, not wearing clothes appropriate for the situation...
 This guy....
 More of this guy....hombre style. Do not cross him. He shoots first and asks questions....after naptime. 

 Holy crap he's amazing.
 This is Scout. Im keeping a pretty low profile on her blog-wise until he trial period ends at our house...her permanence is still debatable but I'm thinking she's probably here to so cute. 
 Sammy slept through most of the park time. But he woke up to be cute. 
Jonny comes marching home. 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Eli is one of a kind. He is astoundingly naughty, incredibly smart, and overwhelmingly endearing. I love that kid more that I ever thought possible. He may be taking years off my life, but we're having a fun time in the process. I think the move has fried his brain a little because he's been having a super tough time being a functioning human these days. Lots of tantrums. lots of deviant behavior, but man oh man he is so great. Here are a few pics from the last few weeks of my big boy. 

 Its great because he never knew I never put $ in the machine...
 Diva child. 
 We struggle with keeping him out of the fridge. I have a latch on it but sometimes I forget to put it on and he can somehow sense it. This time around I just had to giggle because he was so proud he's found the ice cream. 
 I ran upstairs the other day to switch the laundry and when I came down I was greeted by this. He dragged his chair over, climbed up and helped himself to a blender full of smoothie. Inventive. 
 Eli is a very physical kid. Its a good thing and a bad thing. On one hand he is very sturdy. He can take a spill and get up and go with hardly ever a whine. On the other hand, I have bruises all over from being tackled, stepped in, jumped on, hit, bit, and smacked. We work so hard to help him understand how to control his strength (yes, my son is the Hulk) but sometimes he forgets and lets loose on Mom or others. I hate being the mom at the park who has to watch her sweet but strong boy like a hawk...but such is life. 
 Seriously though...
I bought him Elmo jammies and he insisted on wearing them all day...over his existing outfit...

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Thanksgiving Point Overload

Since we live so close now and go there all the time any way I thought this year we should do it right and get a pass to Thanksgiving Point.  In the less than two weeks I've had it we've now been 5 I think we'll get some use out of it. Here are a few of my favorite shots.

 Eli is getting to be quite the little cow boy. I don't even have to walk around with him any more.
 Sammy really digs the wagon.
 He also digs eating his hands.
 There's a great little splash park in the Children's Garden that Eli loves. I think we'll spend a lot of time here this summer. 
 My spider monkey. 
 I'm finally realizing my phone does not take great pics indoors. Anywho, Eli was completely astounded again by the Dinosaur museum. He just kept running from exhibit to exhibit saying, "What dat Mama?"

New House

We did it! Holy cow April was an insane month... seriously...let us never speak of it again. Buying a house is an experience I never want to...experience...again. So much stress. But owning a house! Now that's a whole different story. I LOVE it here. Our house is just perfect for us. We're still getting settled and unpacking boxes but things are really starting to feel like home. Eli loves his new room...I can hear him right now up there supposed to be napping but instead playing with toys. Oh well.

I haven't snapped a ton of picks of our house because things are still pretty disheveled what with the move and all. I'll put more on here as I get things organized and put away. For now here's a smattering. 

 The area is wonderful. We have four duck ponds within 2 blocks of our house. We go for walks almost every evening to feed the ducks and watch the sunset over the lake. 
 This is the front of the house. I'm working on getting some flowers planted but I love the little bed up front. I have lots of plans for it. 

This is the entry way door. I want to replace those curtains and paint that brown wall as soon as I do the other million things on my to do list. 

Friday, May 4, 2012

Lil Sammy Four Months

I feel bad. Since our little Sammy Sam has joined us life has sped up to a rocket-ship pace and I feel like I haven't given him enough attention here on the blog. So this post is dedicated just to SAMMY!

We went to his four month appointment yesterday and he is as healthy as they come. 16.8 pounds, long, big and happy. He got 4 shots....this made for a very crabby baby but even crabby is sure is cute.

He's such a happy boy. He loves nothing more than to have people look at him. As long as I can maintain eye-sight with him he's content to play and giggle. He LOVES being tickled and loves being held and cuddled and snuggled. Sammy's favorite thing to do is eat his hands. I have to pry them out of there to get a bottle in sometimes. He talks up a storm too...lots of baby chatter.

People have asked if I can tell a difference between Sammy and how Eli was at this age. It's hard to say because, honestly, I don't remember much about how Eli was as a baby but I do remember Eli screamed and screamed every time we put him in his car seat and SO far Sammy seems very happy back there. That's a huge plus. I have noticed too Sammy likes to be held a lot more than Eli did. That makes for some pretty buff mommy muscles.

Here are a bunch of pics of my sweet baby boy. Golly gee I love him so.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Up The Canyon

I know I'm way behind on posting and major thingies have happened that warrant updates but I've got to get caught up with everything from April before I tackle The Move. 

A few weekends ago we headed up Provo Canyon with the Cannons to enjoy some warmer than usual Spring weather. It was such a lovely evening. The boys played in the water, the menfolk cooked up some grub, and the ladies discussed the latest in diaper technology...or something like that. 
 I love love LOVE this picture. Oh my boys.
 Dan and Stephe cooking the meat-stuffs. 
 Eli exploring the river. 
Yes...that is what it looks like. Dan is frying a steak in a pan on an open fire. Like a Boss.