Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Summer Lovin

Summer is in full swing around here and we couldn't be loving it more. Every day we spend most of our time outside. The boys are brown and happy. 
The kiddie pool has become a sort of watering hole for the kids. Eli insists we fill it up every day regardless of how long he actually wants to swim. 


We've been going to Manila Pond a bunch lately. It's this wonderful man-made pond over in Pleasant Grove. It's as close to a beach as we get around here. 

Saturday, June 22, 2013

June Photo Barrage

I've been terrible about blogging lately. Busy busy. But I need to get some of our recent happenings out here so the kids know we did lots of stuff in the summer. Lots and lots. 

 We took a trip up to Liberty Park a few weeks ago. I love that place. The kids had an absolute blast. 
Sammy and Eli played forever in the "streams" area. 

Sammy got to ride an airplane. He was in heaven. 

 Dan and I organized a protest. It was a lot of work. Lots and lots. But a genreal success. 

Sammy fell asleep on the floor one day. He's been teething this month. It's been brutal for all involved. 

Adventures in dressing himself. 

Love this one. 

Our dog Finn. We love this furry face. 

Fathers' Day was wonderful. My own pappy came down and we had a lovely dinner. I sure am lucky to have such incredible men in my life. 

Sammy is pure hilarity these days. 

Fat and we love him. 

Dan went for a paraglide ride this week. It was so fun to wait down below and watch him fly around. 

Sammy has this amazing tuft of curls. I love it so much. 

Today we got a bunny to add to our backyard farm. She's huge.