Sunday, February 26, 2012

In and Around the Casa De Garfield

Here are a few shots from in and around the Garfield house. Enjoy.

Story behind this one: Eli made me put on his bike helmet one day out of the blue. I couldn't figure out why he wanted it on...but what you can't see in the pick and what totally made me crack up is he's standing on his tiny little tech-deck skateboard. At least he knows safety first!

Sammy! Awake!
Sammy! Asleep!
I love this pic of Eli and his cousins.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Sammy's Blessing

We blessed Sam yesterday, February 5. It was a lovely occasion. Thanks to all who who participated and helped out with dinner. We have the best family and friends ever.

Garfield Grandparents!
Sam and Sam.
All those who stood in the circle. Stephe Cannon, Toby Hawkins, Tyler Meiners, Donis Meiners, Dan Garfield, Mark Miller, Brent Garfield, Brandon Miller, Taylor Hawkins
The little fam

Settling In

Sammy's been around for about 5 weeks now and things are starting to settle down. Sleep is still elusive...but last night my dear mother-in-law took Sammy for the entire night while she was visiting and I slept for a consecutive 8 was heaven. I've felt amazing all I'm not going to fall asleep at any given time standing or sitting. Here are a smattering of pics from the last few weeks. Notice how Dan and I are are sleeping in all the shots...

Eli's been a lot of 'help'.

A sort of smile.
Tummy time!
Eli joins in on tummy time.
Oh yeah...and I am no longer blond. Loving it.

A Real Hair Cut for Eli

Eli's mane has been a bit shaggy lately so last week I took him to Mommy's salon to get a real hair cut. He did pretty long as the stylist let him play with all her tools.

She spiked his hair...something Dan has forbidden me to do so I thought I'd snap a pic while it lasted.