Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Sammy turns 2!

Sammy turned 2 Dec. 30th. We're still trying to figure out how to really celebrate his big day sandwiched in between so many other holidays. We opted for a fun time at McDonalds with a few friends. In my absolute idiocy I forgot to take any photos of said event. But envision cupcakes, presents, balloons, and more gross happy meal food than a kid could ever want. 

In place of actual party photos, I'm going to dump a bunch of recent Sammy pics. Enjoy!

He's a little bookwork. I love love it. 

Sock hands. We don't get it, but he loves it. Anytime we turn around, he's taken off his socks from his feet and put them on his hands. He calls it "Sock hands". It's adorable. 

The Sammy Face.

He is way into pumping a silly amount of lotion into his hands when I'm not looking and rubbing it all over his hair. This day I made him pose for a sweet bro shot. 

Eating butter. A fine past time. 

Ice cream face. 

He's a total ham. 

Christmas 2013

Soo...yep. It's March, and I am just now getting around to posting about Christmas. We've been super busy though yo. 

Christmas this year was pretty low key. I was still feeling pretty baby sick, and we just stayed around the house and kept things quiet....or as quiet as we can get around here with 2 lively young'uns. 

Christmas morning was great. We took our time opening presents and admiring every one's loot. 

Dan surprised me with an iPad. Eli grabbed it up before I even got my hands on it. 

We bought Eli this awesome race track set. It makes a considerable amount of noise though, so it's been banished up the upstairs. 

Our Christmas stash before the kids came downstairs. 

Yule Pup. 

My elves. On Christmas Eve the kids found a big package on the front porch from Santa's Elves with new pajamas, a DVD, popcorn and some snacks in it. We had a fun night watching movies and munching. 

Happy kid. 

Mad kid.