Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Braddy's 50th!!

My dear brother Brad turned 50!! And to celebrate, we went all out and had a weekend full of partying. Here are a few photo highlights from the weekend's adventures.

Dan went skiing with my family...or as the kids are saying it these days, "snowboarding".
I think this photo was taken around...4:20 in the afternoon.

In the way of parties, Jody threw quite a night; a bouncy house, a ping pong table, POPCORN! These little minions were created by Janica...and eaten by me.
Me sneaking minions.
A picture of Dan shredding the narr...inside a church....tsk tsk.
Eli at the Church Art History Museum. He looks scared to be in a poncho...

Dinner at our place on Monday. Yay Hooray!

Wandering through SLC

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Eli's Hair Cut

Well, it was a short week around here...and by short...I mean a short hair week. I decided to cut Eli's hair...a little trim...just a bit off the top. What happened next was this:

Followed by Eli's first trip to a real stylist...of which he was frightened.

By the end of the day he was looking pretty shaved. But it will grow back...my poor little boy...

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Animal Farm....and More Merry-Go-Round

Adventures abound! The weather has been warming up and we have been getting out. Last Friday I went up to the Thanksgiving Point Animal Farm. We had a blast, although Eli kept trying to feed his fingers to the animals...

For the first little bit Eli was more interested in playing with his stroller than looking at the animals...

...but he eventually warmed up to them.

My cow boy!

He was wary of the wagon ride.

Now on the indoor fun with Daddy! Eli LOVES this place. We've been four times now in two weeks.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Eli in the Sink

I've been bathing Eli in the sink lately. There is a reason why, but it's long and convoluted and I don't want to explain it all here (hint: it involves laziness). But here are some highlights from a recent tub time.

Every Who down in Whoville...
My baby can beat up your honor student.

Wiggle Car!

I'm a second-hand kind of mom. That is to say, most of Eli's toys have been bought at Savers or DI. I hate paying money for something I know will get broken and eventually trashed, or at best, take up stupid amounts of room and get sent to DI anyway eventually. That was, until I met the wiggle car.

I've seen them around, but they have always been way too over priced. But yesterday we got a coupon in the mail for $25 off a car at this new sporting goods store. Up I marched, and car we now have. Eli will have to grow into the full range of it's awesomeness, but for now he loves just scooting around the kitchen, tipping over, and getting back on.

I have a confession. I ride it more than Eli. It can hold up to 220 pounds, so it's not necessarily a kids only toy. I drove all around the kitchen today while making us lunch. No kidding.
When you turn the steering wheel *insert physics lesson here* and the car goes forward! It's amazing!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Trip to DC

Last week I flew out to visit my sister Cristy in DC. It was hard to leave Eli and Dan, but so wonderful to have a few days off from mommy-hood. We ate, shopped, went to a movie, ate some more, shopped some more. All in all a wonderful time.

I even got to go to the DC temple! What a treat.

Cristy smells the Orchids.

At the Botanical Gardens.

A pic of me after a weekend of eating.

The coolest thing ever at the Natural History Museum: Crocheted coral reef exhibit. SOO awesome.

Capital me!

I am actually really shy about taking pictures when travelling. This is me trying to me sneaky at the National Gallery.

Pictures of Eli...Just Because

I was able to procure a very nice camera yesterday and seized the moment to shoot a few pics of Eli. My point and shoot is not so good, and it was so fun to take pics with a camera that can hold its own. Here are a few of the highlights...its a good dose of Eli...

Yelling at imaginary traffic...

Not happy about the pictures...

Ultimate Eli.

Eating a grape.

Waiting for Daddy

Still waiting

Muscles! Its his new trick.