Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Sammy Crawls

My little baby is growing up so fast. I was able to capture the moment he crawled for the very first time...we were up at my folks house. It was on August 3, 2012. Look at me being all documentarian-ish.

Things Are Happening!

I realized the other day that I mostly only update this blog when we do something eventful. Since this is the only way my kids will ever have any sort of 'scrapbook' remembrance of their early lives I figured I'd better start posting more of our day to day activities. This way they won't think all we did was do amazing things and then resent me in their teenage years when we do nothing. 
 My Fat Sammy. O do I love this boy. He is sooo cuddly, so sweet, such a mild and tender little fellow. I wish he could stay 7 months forever. However...he did just learn to crawl...that is life-changing for all of us. 
 Eli  has been difficult lately, as usual, and so I've been trying to think of new ways to engage his brain. A friend told me about this this him a bowl of chocolate pudding and letting him paint the dishwasher...he LOVED it! Huzaah!
My pudding boy. 
 Sammy always rubs his eyes right before he drifts off the sleep. I know most babies do this...but its so endearing. 
 A trip to 7 Peaks and a lolipop? Spoiled kid indeed. 
We had a sewing lesson and Eli was actually very good at it. He listened to instructions, let Mama help, and was very patience and careful with my machine. 
Our Hero. 

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The 24th Festivities

If there is one thing I love, it's a good parade. This makes the month of July absolutely amazing, especially in Utah. The 24th has always been a favorite holiday for me, for above reasons, plus I love being outside, eating bbq food, and pretty much anything related to summer time. Here are some shots from our parade attendance. 

 Grandpa and Sammy.

 Eli got so much candy from the float throwers. I fought it at first...and then I just gave up. 
 If there were a picture that summed up our summer, this would be it. 
 Fam sans Sam. 
This is a bad shot of my favorite float in the SL parade. A 10 foot tall paper mache Jesus leading a gospel choir. So so awesome. 

Seattle Part 2!

So I forgot that Dan took some awesome pics too of our trip. I also realized I didn't post any pics of Sammy last time!

 Kids watching tablet little moths to a glowing flame. 

 There he is! Happy 7 months Sammy!


We did it! Lots of driving but it was worth it. I LOVE the pacific northwest. Seriously. 

We left last Wednesday to spend a fun-filled weekend with our dear friends the Pecks in faboo Seattle. They were so very accommodating with our crazy lot and Eli loved being able to play with his buddies at all hours of the day and night. 
 We rigged up my laptop in the car which made the trip to and from much more pleasant for Little Bear. 
 At Pike's Place. I love the look on Eli's face here. 

 Eli and "Madden" (as he says) watching the boats. 

 Eli on Redondo Beach. It was so fun to be back here. I served in Federal Way on my LDS mission for 8 months and ran along the boardwalk almost every day. There is something so peaceful about the Sound. I miss it's tranquility. 

 Love love love.
 Someday when he is older I'll regale Eli with tale of how his Daddy shot him down a slip and slide like a rocket when he was two...and how he loved it. 
Sir Peck in a pink hat.