Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Easter! Finally!

Easter came and went and I have not had time to post pics here. Let me take you through our weekend of Easter fun one event at a time.

I consider tulips blooming an event. And ours were quite eventful this year. Since we weren't here last Spring, it was fun to see what surprises popped up.

Friday some friends came over and we decorated cookies. Nothing says Easter like sugar!
Sugar high!

Sunday we had dinner with the Kaysville Meiners. We had a great time and enjoyed some lovely weather.

Saturday evening we were graced with the presence of Sam, Rebecca, and April. We had a fun time, and enjoyed the constant entertainment that is Eli.

Good Auntie Reba.

Eli plays with his new truck!

April and Dan show Eli how things work.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Dan's Big 26th Birthday Bash

It was supposed to be an evening in the sun. I'd been planning for a month on lovely weather, barefoot little kids, frisbees, and flowers. Instead, due to a chili wet April, Dan's birthday bbq was moved indoors for a bit more intimate experience. We still have a grand time and lots a great friends stopped by to say hi. Food, friends, and fun. Good times.

Don't be deceived by the green. It was cold outside. Notice only the men folk are out? Us women were inside keeping warm.
Party guests!
More party guests!
The ultimate party crasher.
All Dan wanted in the way of birthday cake were funfetti cupcakes. I could handle that. He looks pretty excited.
Look Mom! A girl baby! They do exists.