Monday, March 1, 2010

Eli's Birth

So since I just started this blog thingy today I'm trying to post all the old pics I have. I promise I won't update it twenty times a day on a regular basis. Or maybe I will. My kid is pretty cute. Here are some beauties you might not have seen from when little guy was born. It was a great day. Its amazing how I've already forgotten some of the major details of his birth like that the epidural made be really nauseous and gave me the shakes and that I watched a hunting show while I was having hard labor pains.

Its's crazy to look at these pics and think that Eli is now 3 months old and so big and strong. Those first few weeks were pretty crazy but so wonderful. Awwwww.

Gearing up for the big day. Pitocin going strong.

One of Eli's first pictures. He's about ten minutes old here and not sure about this whole "life" thing.

So tired after his big entrance.

Leedle foot next to Daddy's big hand.

So tiny.

First time in the car seat getting ready for the ride home from the hospital.

Proud Papa.

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  1. Cute blog Robynn! I love all the pictures. It will be great to have them all in order. I use my blog as a scrapbook. I have it professionlly printed and I'm done. It is wonderful! Have fun!