Monday, January 24, 2011

Trip to Arvada and Co Springs

We just returned from a wonderful trip to Colorado. First stop was Colorado Springs for a fun weekend with Jeff, Bridget and the boys. In typical me fashion I forgot to take any pics of Ethan, Ryan or Josh but instead took tons of just Eli...uh...Oops! We had a blast visiting and wish we lived closer so Eli could play with his Colorado Cousins more often.

Loving my little guy.

As soon as we arrived in Arvada we headed over to the Apex Center for some fun in the water.
I forgot Eli's swim suit so he's just sporting a swim diaper. Someday he may hate me for these photos...
Eli is all fish. The whole time at the pool he would run to any open water source and jump in head first. I think its going to be a scary, fun time once we start swimming regularly. He definitely has no fears when it comes to water.

Auntie Rachel snapped some great pics of Eli while making him laugh so hard. It was hilarious.

With Dan's folks after church.

Grandma and Grandpa Garfield!

A moment of peace on the drive home...

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