Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Learning How to Self Feed

Eli is Mr. Independent. He is a "do it yourself" kinda kid. Because of that, he refuses to let me feed him anymore, but is doing his own experimenting with forks, spoons, and whatever else I feel brave enough to hand his way. This morning we had what I'm now deeming the "Yogurt-pocalypse". It was epic. It was messy. It was a great photo op.

"What you lookin at Mom?"

There must be more in here....

Ah ha! Found it.

Going in for more.

The only real way to clean up...


  1. Haha! He is so cute! Oliver looks about the same when he feeds himself...

  2. Drew also loves to feed himself and he really LOVES yogurt. The strip down is the only way to go.