Sunday, August 7, 2011

Ojai Part 2

Well, tomorrow turned into a week...which is sort of how my life works. Here are some of Braddy's shots of our trip to the Golden State. Lots of great photos.

How many adults does it take to keep a few toddlers happy? At least 3.
More great bathing beauty shots of Eli. This one is a definite "show to prom date" pic.

Hike up Sulfur Mountain.
Braddy, Eli and I.
Dinner solo with a very tired toddler was a good time. Shot 1: me getting my eyes poked out...
...and me explaining to Eli why it's a bad idea.

At the aquarium in Santa Barbara. Eli is putting his hands in a shark tank. I thought I'd see where he was going with it.
Yes...his head is in the sand.
Awesome shot of a skateboarder in Santa Barbara.
Eli climbing the ice plant.
Sharing a car in Ventura.
Hanging with uncle Brad.

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