Monday, November 14, 2011

Birthday Celebrations

Eli's actual birthday isn't for another two weeks but I thought we'd celebrate early this year. Having a birthday party right around Thanksgiving is just too much of a hassle for all involved.

I booked the church and we had a great time. Since I've become a smart phone junkie I pretty much only take pics with my phone these days. Most of the time they turn out great but the ones from his party look a little jaundice...oh well. Thank to all who came and made Eli such a happy birthday boy!

He was way into presents...but more so carry them around wrapped than actually opening them.
Daddy helps out.
Cake eater.
Singing the birthday song! I figure since Micheal Jackson is dead we don't have to pay royalties. (too soon?)
This was take 2 on the cake. The first had...shall we say...structural damages? It's still sitting in my fridge if anyone wants a piece.
The piniata was a big hit. Get it??!! Oh man.
I love this picture of Eli on the attack.
Playing with "Bumpa".

Last but not's a video of Eli whacking the piniata.

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