Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Eggs!

Dying eggs this year was a little less of a precision art and a little more smash and grab. Eli liked cracking his eggies and taking one or two bites out of the egg before moving on to his next embryonic eggstravaganza. We had a good time though...even had a quick run down to Instacare after Sammy got his finger snipped in a finger-nail clipping adventure. It wouldn't be a Friday night at the Garfield's without a trip to Instacare!

Macey's has a great Easter activity and Eli got a hat and his face painted earlier that day.

A proud egg barer.

Sammy pre-snip.
All the dye colors laid out on my new yellow table.
Post-Dying messes...I think they look artistic...
And just a cute shot of Sammy because he is adorable.

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