Tuesday, July 10, 2012


We just returned from a wonderful vacation to Denver. We painted the town...all sort of colors! Seriously...we were busy folks. Be prepared for many many pics. But they're mostly of the kiddies...so it's ok. 
 Eli got to sit in a fire truck...the firefighters were very accommodating after we accosted them in the Target parking lot. 
 My Sammy...
 Train museum! Definitely a hit for all of us. Hot but lots and lots of fun. 

 Driving that train...
The Garfield women organized a photo shoot for all the grandkids...Eli was less than cooperative but I have no doubt we got something cute and useable...maybe not posed but cute for sure!
 Jeff at the botanical gardens! We had a great time with his fam. 

 Cristy! We were so lucky to see her...even if it was for just a sec. 
 Blurry fam. 
Love love love. 
 Casa Bonita! This place was such a hit. Eli was in toddler heaven. It's like Mexican Disneyland...complete with a mariachi band and hourly piniatas. We partied hardy with the Garfield group. 

 Big guns. 
 We promise we didn't drug the kids...they're just so tired they look a little loopy...

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