Sunday, September 9, 2012

A Berry Good Time

For the last few years I've been hoofing it down to Benjamin to get berries. A good friend would always organize the trip but since she abandoned me for Seattle this year (you know who you are...) I had to make my own arrangements. I discovered McBride's Berry Patch in Mapleton. It's pure joy. No appointment needed, rows and rows of gorgeous berries, and even a little flower patch so you can snip a few buds on the way out. We went as a family and had a wonderful time. 
 Eli had a blast. He was a good berry picker and an even better berry eater. 
 My pensive raspberry man. 
 My bucket o berries!
 Getting a drink. 
 Obligatory "I promise kids I was around when you were young I was just always the one taking the pics" pic. 


  1. now just think, if i hadn't abandoned you, you wouldn't have found this place. spread your wings, little bird...

  2. Remember when you invited me to go with you? And I didn't answer the phone because maybe I slept in until 10 that day? And pregnancy makes me NEVER answer texts and voicemails?
    Please forgive me. Let's hang out soon.

    PS Looks like super fun, I love Eli's face in that first pic.