Friday, April 26, 2013

April Showers

Here's a bit of a picture dump from this month. Enjoy!

 Dan set up the tent in the backyard and read the boys stories on a Sunday afternoon. 
 He's a charmer. 
 I got sick this week and the boys had a day of snacks, tv, and lots of messes. 
 Sammy tries out the scooter. 
Spring has really sprung around. I'd take credit, but most of the bulbs were there before we bought the house last year. 
 Mornings out our window. 
 Sammy's curl.
 Boy time. 

 Sammy plays DDR. 
A teething cranky boy. 

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  1. In a bout of avoiding work, I stumbled upon these pictures-- I love them! Especially the pictures of Eli and Sam giggling together. And most of all, I love these boys.