Sunday, October 13, 2013

California trip part 2: LA and Disneyland

I'm being really lazy with these posts, this one should be broken up in at least two more. So be prepared for lots of photos. And if you're wondering why there are so many of me and so few of Dan, it's because he was on photog duty with the nice camera. 

Tuesday after the beach we headed south through Los Angeles. I'd never been to the tourists spots in LA so we made a detour through Hollywood. In was not a great place for kids. We lasted about an hour. But the walk of fame was pretty awesome. 

Eli was not amused when I set this animal hat on his head. 

Then I found this guy. 

We spent the night with Mariah and Jered and Luke. They have the coolest place in Yorba Linda. There's even a little horse on the property! My kids were in heaven. 

We made it to the park! This was the night before we went to Disneyland, eating dinner at Goofy's Kitchen. The kids loved it, although Sammy was super scared of all the characters. 

Dan stocked up on the desserts. It is a buffet after all. 

Eli LOVES Chip and Dale. Loves loves loves. He was dying when this one came by. 

Sammy was more interested in the jello. He ate a lot of it. 

Eli and Minnie. 

While we were checking into the hotel, Sammy did a dive over a little chair in the lobby and cut his head. It was not a good week for heads. 

DISNEYLAND! Oh we had so much fun. 

Eli was not happy I made him stop and take a picture. 


Another one of Sleeping Sammy. 

Jedi Eli. 

Gate fam!

Eli meets Vader!

Love love love this place. It's my favorite place I've ever been. 

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