Wednesday, January 8, 2014 baby.

As anyone not living in a cave on Mars is more than well aware of at this point, we are expecting baby #3 in June! Woot. We're pretty sure it's another boy, judging from the dangling apparati present in the 13 week ultrasound. This one's been not super pleasant thus far. The nausea this time around was pretty brutal. November was sort of a blur for me. The only time I was able to leave the house was the have Dan drive me to the hospital for IVs. Dan was a trooper. He wins all the medals. 

I discovered how much I loved the IV therapy group at American Fork Hospital. Those ladies really know their veins. 

This is what I did the other part of the time when I wasn't getting pumped up. Bed bed bed and more bed. 

We got a little peak at the bb around 8 weeks. 

More bed. 

More needles. 

My thrice weekly view. 

And there he is! We are super excited. At 16 weeks things are starting to feel better and we're getting our brains wrapped around the thought of 3 times the insanity coming to a house near you in June!

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