Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Braddy's 50th!!

My dear brother Brad turned 50!! And to celebrate, we went all out and had a weekend full of partying. Here are a few photo highlights from the weekend's adventures.

Dan went skiing with my family...or as the kids are saying it these days, "snowboarding".
I think this photo was taken around...4:20 in the afternoon.

In the way of parties, Jody threw quite a night; a bouncy house, a ping pong table, POPCORN! These little minions were created by Janica...and eaten by me.
Me sneaking minions.
A picture of Dan shredding the narr...inside a church....tsk tsk.
Eli at the Church Art History Museum. He looks scared to be in a poncho...

Dinner at our place on Monday. Yay Hooray!

Wandering through SLC


  1. This looks so much fun!!! Eli's getting bigger, holy cow. I need to come and say hi sometime!

  2. Oh please do! We would love to see you. We have a trampoline in the new back yard so bring Oliver over to bounce!

  3. How fun! I may have to mention those minions to my sister. My nephew LOVES the minions.