Saturday, April 9, 2011

No Camera

Well, irony is delicious, and we've been eating it regularly around here. For instance, a few weeks ago Dan and I were on a walk and Eli started fussing in the stroller. I handed him my camera to play with and Dan said, "he'll break that". Scoffing, I told him I let Eli play with the camera all the time and nothing bad has every happened. Well, my son likes to make a liar of me and within two seconds he had inflicted permanent damage on my little Fiji. Or Fuji. My camera.

So I haven't been able to take pictures in a while. And, I really want a new camera. A nice camera. A shiny, super lovely, don't let the baby play with it sort of dealy. I've been looking into a few different models of the Cannon Rebel. Any thoughts on what a good higher/low end camera might be? I would like to find something in the $500-$700 range, new or used.


  1. I love my Rebel! I have an XSi. But I've been keeping my eyes on the newer models and the T1i and T2i are great. And Costco carries them.

  2. i actually recommend this camera. this is the camera i want to take everywhere with me, and if i could afford it right now, i would. if i felt like i could get away with replacing my nikon d700 with this camera and still be taken seriously as a photographer, i'd do it.