Saturday, July 16, 2011

New Looks for the Garfield Family

This week Eli and I both decided to try out new looks. Eli went more for the David Boy look...get it??!!! I'm awesome.

That is not a's lipstick. My good Clinique lipstick...that now lies in rest at the bottom of the garbage in the bathroom.

He really nailed the eyes. I think he may have a career as a make-up artist. Don't tell Dan.
I went for a shorter, more conservative look. I've been thinking about it for a while...but today I bit the bullet and went whole hog. It's short. I'm liking it so far. It will take a few days to get over the shock when I look in the mirror.

Here's one of the little baby bump. Shrimpy is 13 weeks old and starting to let Mom feel a little better.


  1. Your hair looks so so good! I'm jealous, I'd love to have a really short hair but with thin and straight hair it requires major 'doing' every day... blah. And eli looks fabulous in lipstick! ;)

  2. I was scared when I heard, but it is darling!!! And David boy is cute too.