Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Operation: Shock and Awe

This year's fourth festivities were sans Dan, which was sad indeed but he was in Denver nobly helping his folks move. We carried on without him and had a pretty good time with my folks in Bountiful. The weekend started off rough after I must have got heat stroke or something and ended up having to go to Instacare Saturday night for fluids and drugs. It was by far the nastiest day of this pregnancy thus far. Sunday I spent in bed but by Monday I was feeling better and we had a great time swimming (no pictures) and BBQ-ing at Greg's house (lots of pictures). Here are a few highlights:

This pic is why I titled the post what I did. Eli just didn't know what to think of the fireworks my family were lighting off in the road. He liked them, I think, but he also seemed to be pretty wary of them at the same time. As the night progressed and he got sleepier, the noises seemed to scare him more.

Where there's smoke there's little boys lighting things on fire. I was sort of a Fourth Scrooge and spent a lot of time yelling "Keep that skinky smoke away from the pregnant lady!!". The memories my poor nephews will have of their aunt...
Eli and Grandpa. Eli LOVES my dad. I don't know if its because my dad always has his smart phone in his front pocket or if its because Eli recognizes Grandpa Don's greatness at such a young age. Whatever it is, he was glued to Papa the whole trip.

Toby and my mom conversing on the lawn.

Kids young and old lighting off bottle rockets.

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