Saturday, December 10, 2011

Oh Yeah There's a Baby Coming!

I've been really bad about documenting (at least photographically) this current pregnancy. Maybe it's because I'm lazy. Maybe it's because I'm not super interested in posting full body pics of myself. Or most likely it's because there is hardly ever a moment when I think "Oh yeah, right now I feel like I look put together enough to have permanent documentation of my current physical appearance preserved in perfect digital remembrance". Or maybe it's D) all of the above.

Anywho, little guy is doing great. I'm 34 weeks and measuring pretty big (2.5 weeks ahead to be exact) but the midwives don't think that's much of a worry. It's probably just because I'm so nice and stretchy after my first pregnancy. I'm really hoping I go into labor before my due date (don't we all...) rather than after. To be honest at this point I'd really just like to be induced at 39 weeks, an option my midwife presented, rather than wait it out and have to either birth an 11 pounder or have a cesarean because he's so big. But Dan and I both do want to see what going into labor at home is like (Eli was induced at 41 weeks) so we'll see how things look in a month. more month. Crazy. I really can't wait to meet our little boy. Today I was sitting on the couch and Eli came up and gave my belly a big hug and said, "!". It warmed me heart and soul. I know these little boys are going to be crazy best friends.


  1. Robbyn!! You look AMAZING and so BEAUTIFUL! This is wonderful, happy news for me (I had no idea!). Hope you keep feeling just as great for the rest of it. Hugs!!

  2. You look awesome! And such a great color on you!

  3. You look great! I love your darling hair. Congrats and I hope your L&D is easy and swift! :)

  4. that went by sooo fast!
    34 weeks already!!
    and I am still loving your hair!