Monday, June 4, 2012

Hill Air Force Base Air Show

A week ago last Saturday we set off on an adventure that I will not soon forget. We had been planning on taking Eli to the Hill Air Show for a while. What we hadn't planned on would be the weather. It was the coldest May day I have ever experienced. We had planned on just hopping on FrontRunner in Bountiful and taking the train up to the base for the show. As we boarded the train, we noticed it was raining a bit. By the time we got to Clearfield it was a torrential downpour.

We started off on the base thinking things would let up and we'd at least be able to seek shelter and look at a few airplanes to keep Eli occupied. We didn't make it ten feet before it became apparent we needed to get inside sooner. We asked a nearby soldier where the best place would be to get out of the rain and he directed us to the Commissary.  We hurried in, pushing Eli in the stroller through seriously the craziest amount of rain I've every been in and sought sanctuary with about 300 other civilians in the food court of the BX.

We waited out the storm for about 2 hours. The BX wouldn't sell us any dry clothes because we weren't military but my amazing persuasive husband talked the store's manager into letting us buy a few hoodies and hats.

When the clouds finally parted we were able to (finally) go see some airplanes! Eli was in heaven. He hadn't had a nap and was so over stimulate he just sort of ran around mouth open pointing and yelling at everything. It was awesome. Made the whole soggy day worth it. Here are some pics.

 Eli got to sit in a Black Hawk helicopter, an event he has not stopped talking about since. It was awesome because when he climbed up into the copckpit he looked at Dan and said, "Ummm Daddy, shut the door." He was ready for take off!
 I loved the aeronautic acrobatics. 
 Eli on the train with Grandpa. It doesn't get much better than this. 
Here he is again on the 'copter'. 

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