Monday, May 21, 2012

Neptune Park

Church is at 1pm. It is an unpleasant schedule for kids of all ages. We've been getting creative with ways to survive. This week's plan was to take Eli to a park Sunday morning and tire him out so he'd take an early nap and be ready for church by 1. It did not work...but we had a great time! This park is awesome. It's out in the middle of nowhere Saratoga Springs but it has play equipment like I've never seen.
 I include this one because I think it sort of sums up the way my life runs right now: baby blanket over the shoulder, dog tugging on a leash, not wearing clothes appropriate for the situation...
 This guy....
 More of this guy....hombre style. Do not cross him. He shoots first and asks questions....after naptime. 

 Holy crap he's amazing.
 This is Scout. Im keeping a pretty low profile on her blog-wise until he trial period ends at our house...her permanence is still debatable but I'm thinking she's probably here to so cute. 
 Sammy slept through most of the park time. But he woke up to be cute. 
Jonny comes marching home. 

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