Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thanksgiving: A Hodge Podge

I've been so slow in posting about our goings-on lately. We've been a busy bunch around here! Thanksgiving came and went so fast that I can hardly believe its already over. Dan took the whole week off and we had such a lovely time taking a little "staycation" around Utah County. 
We went to see the Governor pardon a turkey at Thanksgiving Point. Mostly because it was free...and we needed things to do to keep the kiddies entertained. 


Dan made the crust. I put it together. It was a yummy yummy pie. 

I went to Walmart on Thanksgiving at 8...a new take on Black Friday. It was surprisingly not horrifying.

The day after Thanksgiving...Eli was a little zombified. 

Everyone was pretty tired. 

  Gratuitous dog shot. 
Another Daddy outing. 

***You'll note there are no pics of the actual Thanksgiving meal...Dan took all those. If we can get our act together and get the pics off his phone I'll post a Thanksgiving Part Two: Actual Thanksgiving. 

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