Wednesday, February 27, 2013

February Round Up

Like January, February has dragged on and on. Some people love this month for Valentines Day and what-not. I say, if there's snow on the ground, no amount of red paper hearts and awkward FB status updates about not having a boyfriend can make it better. We survived and had a little fun in the process.  Here's our round up from the month. (Can you tell I'm trying my derndest to rush this month on by?)

 Three stooges. 
 I dressed Eli up all fancy-like for preschool on V Day. 
 We met up with some friends at the BYU MOA a few weeks back. It was a great time. There was a super hero comic book exhibit that the kids loved. One of the installations was just an old couch and a tv playing classic cartoons. Perfect. 
 I finally took on the living room. I still have a ways to go and keep stalling but we're getting there. I do hate using yellow paint. It feels like I have to make a thousand coats because I can always see streaks. Oh well. Come see us next year and my dream house will be done!
 Eli helps up pick out paint. 
 Sammy decided he's not a big fan of indoor play structures when Mom isn't standing right by him. 
Babies and spaghetti 

 I'm pretty sure Eli broke his toe. He dropped a big jar of jam on it and has been hobbling around ever since. The doc said there's nothing we can really do for it...but in the mean time I've got a screamer every time I try to put socks on him. 
 Oh my sweet heavens. 
 Puttin on the Rtiz. 
 Milk time. My boys are both mega milk addicts. I have to monitor closely how much milk I give them or they could have it all day. Even still we're going through about 6 gallons a week between the four of us. 

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