Wednesday, February 27, 2013

DC Trip!

Every few years I am able to steal away and spend some time with my sister Cristy in DC. Due to some very generous baby-sitting from my folks and an amazing husband I was able to go this last weekend. Cristy and I had a lovely time. I didn't take too many photos...we were having too much fun to stop for that...but I did snap a few. Enjoy!
At the botanical gardens. I love this place so much. It feels like Hawaii indoors. 

 La Casa Blanca
 When Cristy asked my what I wanted to do I said "take me to a restaurant Anthony Bourdain has eaten at". She did. And it was one of the best meal I have every eaten. A little place called "Oyamel" right off the Mall. It was extremely authentic Mexican food. I got a beet salad that made me want to cry and for desert we shared a pastel de tres leches that did make us tear up. 

 National Gallery Rotunda.

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