Saturday, May 18, 2013

Trip to Florida Part 1

We just got home from Florida and I have to blog now or it won't get done. It was truly one of the best trips we've ever taken. We met up with our friends Matt and Julie and their gorgeous little boy Lincoln, and Julie's sister Corinne and her husband Preston in Tampa and hit the ground running. 

Our boys loved every minute of it. Even though their schedules got a little wonky, they held things together pretty well and just loved going along for the ride. Be prepared for lots of pictures. I don't keep a journal anymore so this is it!

 The first day we headed out to Clearwater beach. I've never seen sand so white! Love. 

85 degrees and lots of sun. Perfect for me!

They had to wash their sandy buns off.

Eli LOVES the water. 

Look how clear!

He won't pose. 

HORSES! This is our first day at the lodge where we stayed. It is heaven on earth. About 1.5 hours north of Tampa, this place is serious kid paradise. 

Eli on a horse. Blurry pic. I dropped my phone in the ocean and some of my pics didn't auto upload right. Darnitall. 

Preston find a turtle!

Sunday we headed to the lake and had such an amazing day. Me, Julie and Corinne. 

Same. Love these two sisters!

Our little fam. 

My favorite thing ever. 

They dig it. 

The lake. 


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