Monday, September 23, 2013

Labor Day hike and trip to the cabin!

Labor Day was glorious. We spend the weekend up in Bountiful with my folks and had the most wonderful time. Monday morning we woke up early and went hiking with our little family up Mueller Park Canyon. The kids are getting so good at trucking it in the mountains. 

Love this picture of Dan. 

Eli climbs up. 

Sammy wants to follow, like always. 

My boys in the woods. 

Finn did a good job on the mountain too.

Sweet Sammy. 

Little hiking family. 

Eli and I shoot the breeze.

Now on the to cabin! My dad's cabin is up near Huntsville. It is a magical place and my kids LOVE it. 

Sammy on an ATV. He loves this thing. 

We played a lot of horseshoes!

I was not very good at them. 

Daddy takes the guys around on the tractor. 

I set Sammy up on a rock and took a lot of pics. No apologies. 

Greg plays the harmonica. 

Finn listens. 

Margaret cooked up the yummiest lunch. 

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