Monday, September 23, 2013

Utah State Fair 2013

It's a yearly affair, and one we don't ever ever miss. It's my favorite fall event. I can't really explain it. I've gone pretty much every year ever. Our kids have never missed a year. I want to keep it that way. 

It was pouring down rain when we arrived at the fair. That is why I looked like a drown rat in most of the pictures. 

Eli got up close with a milking cow. He loved it. 

Sammy pets the giant pumpkin. 

Sammy and Eli pet a small bunny. 

Sammy was a little cautious. 

Eli road the roller coaster. He was in heaven. This kid doesn't know what caution means. 

I love this one. 

Dan and Eli took a spin on the bumper cars. Dan is brave. 

I braved it with Eli in the "fun house". It was gross the sweat of a thousand children lingered on every surface. 

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