Sunday, September 14, 2014

July and August photo dump

July and August were awesome! We were busy busy but had a lot of fun. People have asked me how life has been adjusting to 3 kids. I tell them we only have 2.5 at this point, and to check back in when Lucas is mobile. For now, we can hoof it around pretty well and get out of the house whenever we can. 

Eli made a hat. I think he's going to be a clothing designer. 

Sammy smells a flower.

It's adorable. 

The knight in shining armor takes a rest. 

Brothers in repose. 

Shirt hat. He's got a theme. 

Sammy tries jamaica juice. It blows his mind. 

The view out our front porch. It's, um, lovely. 

My men. love. 

We've been getting into art projects more and more lately. My kids haven't been super interested in arts and crafts in past times but recently they've really enjoyed getting dirty in the name of artistic expression. 

Sammy shows me his bug bite. 

This is what I've lived off of since we moved out here; cheese, meats, grapes, crackers, and dried fruit. We go to a farmer's market at least once a week and stock up on fresh produce. Life could be worse. I'll say that. 

Stuck Sammy. 

Resting with the babe. 

Tricycles .


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