Sunday, September 14, 2014

Move from Saratoga Springs, Utah to Redwood City, California 2014

Some may say moving 10 days after having a baby is unadvisable. I am one of those people, now even more so. Lucas was born June 24. We moved July 5 to California. It was....better than it could have been, but unavoidably as stressful as it sounds. I think the worst part of the move for me was having to sleep on an air mattress for a week when we moved in. Trying to care for a newborn during the night, plus having a bed that is akin to a trampoline to the older boys during the day, made for a bit of a bad time. 

Our stuff didn't make it to Redwood City until 4 days after we did. There were a few perques; the kids loved running around an empty house and I had a few days to catch my breath before the crazy amounts of stuff poured into our house. 

HUGE shout our to our good friends Matt and Julie for welcoming us into the area in grand style. We couldn't have done it without them. They stocked our fridge before we got there, arranged meals to be brought in for the first two weeks, and showed us around the area. THANK YOU!!

Lucas and I chilling on the air mattress. 

Watching a show on the floor. 

Picnic....on the floor. 

Our house! My dad drove out with me while Dan caravanned with the older boys. I can't thank him enough for all his help. 

Packing up our garage in Utah. 

Dan and baby taking a few minutes rest in between boxes. 

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