Tuesday, October 23, 2012

California Part 1: The Hotel

We have returned! What a trip. I'm still amazed we were able to get everything in we wanted. I'm going to try to document it all here...but I'll probably miss a few details. We drove in late Wednesday night and stayed with a friend in Orange County. Can you believe I didn't take any pics of our time there or with my niece and her cute baby the next day? Oh goodness. (PS...Mariah if you have any pics of the kids together would you send them my way?)

SO...I have to move on to Thursday. Thursday I decided that since we were headed to Disneyland the next day and who knew when we were going to be down there again and all that I threw a fiscal hail marry and booked ourselves a room at the Grande California. It was lovely. I'm so glad we did it. I've wanted to stay here for so long and I can say it does live up to the hype. So much fun. 

 Dan wasn't feeling great Thursday night so I headed out single-mommy like with the kids. We ended up at Goofy's Kitchen Buffet. It was a great time and the kiddies were pretty good. I'll say hoofing it around a buffet with a baby in arms and a 2 year old keeping up the rear was an experience I might not venture into soon again but it was well worth it. We had a blast. 
 Eli got to meet Cinderella. He was speechless. Mostly because I don't think he's ever seen that movie and had no idea who this frilly lady was. 
 Despite his facial expression here he was much more excited to meet Dale, who he kept referring to as Chip. Oh well. 

 Sammy crams it in.
 Eli meets Mini. He was happy about this one for sure. 
 The view out our hotel window. Eli and I went swimming and had a great time. The pools were a little chilly though...but I guess it was October so I shouldn't complain. 
 In the lobby of the hotel they have all these little kid-sized rocking chairs set up around a tv. Its great for when you check in and don't want kids hanging off your legs. 
My little cabana boy. 
 The lobby. 
Heading to Disneyland!

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