Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Summer Roundup

Summer came and went so fast and I sucked at blogging. This is a good thing though! We were busy. Here's a smattering of pictures from my phone from the last few months. Lots and lots of pics. Enjoy!

 Boot Hands!
These two are good friends. Its cute...

 We did a lot of teething this summer. This guy is a major CRANK when it comes to that.

Ma boys.

 Eli's best buddy Alex.
Campire happiness. 
 I've been keeping busy by sewing and crafting a bunch...its a way to release stress and do something non poopy. 

Chickens...newest addition! We're getting them all set up. Eli loves the adventure of looking for eggs everyday. I love the adventure of keeping them safe from dog nibbling. 
First egg!
Eli new wheels. Its big. Its just yells Eli. 
Sleepy Sammy. 
Oh my boy. 

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