Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Our California Adventure Part 2: DISNEYLAND!

When I was a kid we lived about 2 hours away from Disneyland. Some of my earliest memories are of riding the Dumbo ride in Fantasyland or of standing in line to see Donald Duck. I think it's for that reason I went to such great length to get my little family inside that magical gate. Andy boy was our efforts worth it. We had a BLAST. Because we were staying in the hotel on site we were able to get into the park just as they opened in the morning. We rode Pirates and Haunted Mansion before there as anyone else in the park. It was amazing. As the afternoon filled up with people we took it easy and watched a few shows, ate lunch, and took in the sites. All in all a perfect day. 

 Eli and Daddy wait in line to ride Pirates one more time. 
 Lil' Indiana Jones
 Talking to Goofy. 
 Watching a parade.

More sharp-shooting
 At the beginning of the day; all fresh and ready to go. 

 Being there at Halloween time was definitely as cool as everyone said it was. 
 Jungle Cruise!
 Playing pin ball. 
 Eli and Pluto
 Hanging out. 
 Lil Man all tuckered out. We were going to leave Sammy with my niece but because we ended up staying at the park we just took him along. He was soooo good. He loved everything and went on quite a few rides. His favorite may have been the Jungle Cruise. 
 Watching a parade. He got pretty tired out by the end of the day but held it together really well. The hardest part of Disneyland with Eli was trying to teach him how to wait in lines. He HATED lines. But he loved everything else. Pirates and the Haunted Mansion were his favorite rides by far. 
 Waiting to watch Jedi Training. 
 Sammy was sleeping in the stroller and Eli was pretty tired at this point so we just snapped a quick one of the tired but happy parents before we left the park. 
Chilling with Goofy. 

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