Sunday, December 2, 2012

December is Here!

The season is upon us! December is one of my top 5 favorite months. At least. We are in full swing around here with holiday goodness. I'm trying to not over-do it with the holiday doings. I will probably fail. 

First things first...we are potty training. Its a good time. (No...its not.)

Mama's been crafting up a storm for some boutiques I've been participating in. Fun!

 We bought our Christmas tree last night. Dan was the only one I could get to pose for a picture. 

 Eli and Colin read  story after we came back from our tree-getting. 
 Getting things set up. 
 Friday night we made our way to the Festival of Trees. Mom failed when she decided we all needed to wait in line for 45 minutes to see Santa. Fail fail. 
 Sammy takes it all in. 
 Eli was happy to see Santa...
Sammy was not.

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