Thursday, January 31, 2013

January Happening

January tried very hard to drive me to the nut-house but I didn't let it and we came off conquerer(s). I must say this dreary month has got to be at the bottom of my "favorite times of the year" list. It was SOOO cold in Saratoga. I mean like bitter angry cold. To keep us (semi) sane Dan and I brainstormed what we could for the kids to do. Here is a little run down of our January happenings.

 Dan started school up at the beginning of the month. To stave off the crazies I've been getting very creative with things to entertain the troops from that awful time between dinner and bed. Lately our favorite activity has been to drag Eli's mattress off his bed and turn his room into a make-shift tumbling arena. Its a big hit and surprisingly no one had broken a leg. 

 I've been sewing a ton. Its a good way to keep my mind busy and my nights full. Here is Saminina modeling a little skirt pattern I was trying out. Doesn't (s)he look so dainty?
 Eli went to the dentist for the first time yesterday! He was so so good. It kind of surprised me. He cooperated with the doc, let them fiddle around in his mouth, and didn't squirm or fuss at all. Success!

 I signed Eli up for karate. He LOVES it and is doing pretty well. He was good days and better days but his teachers are super patient and energetic and keep him on track...mostly. 
 Although Sammy looks less than thrilled in this pic he and Eli and really starting to play together. Its not a consistent thing and we definitely have brother fights but I can see a potential good in this whole having two kids gig. 
Eli chills under his new Star Wars quilt made by my dear friend Debby. I mentioned to her one day that I was looking into making Eli a quilt to go with his new Star Wars sheets. One thing lead to another and we ended up doing a sort of "Postal Service" quilting bee. Well...that sounds like I did something productive. I just chose the fabric and Debby worked her magic into this amazing design. I LOVE it...and most importantly so does Eli. 

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