Monday, January 21, 2013

Sammy Turns 1!

My "little" Sammy turned 1! It's been almost 3 weeks but I wanted to get his stats in from the Dr before I posted this. At 1 year of age Sammy weighs 27 lbs, measures 32 inches, and is big, happy and WALKING! That last one is new as of this week. He sorts of lumbers around in this sort of stiff-legged zombie lurch and I love it. 

Taking a bath in Auntie Jody's sink! He loved it. 

 Getting into brother's paints!
 Chicken watching! A favorite pastime around here. 
 Scared of the car wash. 
Standing up and climbing on everything!

 Because we celebrated Christmas in Denver on Sammy's birthday we didn't do a big to-do. Instead he got a balloon and a cake made by Daddy!
 He was the best cake masher I've ever seen. The mess was enormous. Good job Sammy!
 I love this little boy so much. 

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