Sunday, March 17, 2013

Church Time

Church is a mixed bag with kids. On one hand I love going to worship and learn and if nothing else be there and follow commandments. On the other hand somedays I feel like I just go and wrangle kids for three hours and then go home...especially since I'm in nursery now. For the most part though I really do love showing up every Sunday morning. Today Sacrament Meeting was actually pretty manageable. Eli's getting to a point in life where I can give him an activity or task and he will sit and work on it for a minute or so. Sammy is another bag of worms but we trade off and are surviving. 

 Eli spent most of the long meeting playing with this wonderful old quiet book my friend Margaret bequeathed to him. It was made in 1964 and I've been a little nervous to let Eli play with it because its such an amazing piece of heritage but he found it a little while ago and love to work the snaps and buttons. It kept him and a friend on the seat next to him quiet for most of the meeting. 
 Sammy gets to come with me to nursery. He LOVES it. He won't be 18 months until June but fits right in with all the other kids. 

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