Monday, May 27, 2013


Another non-picture post, but I have to get some of these things Eli has been saying written down somewhere because they are so so good. Here are a few of my favorites:


On the way to church yesterday we were talking about things we are thankful for.

Eli: I'm thankful for houses, and flowers, and mailboxes. Oh, and dinosaur Jesus.

Me: What's dinosaur Jesus?

Eli: Oh, you know, just dinosaur Jesus.


During the sacrament part of church, right after he took the bread off the tray, Eli stood up on the bench and said, in a loud voice, "Thank you Jesus!". I was really touched by that one.


The other day we were driving around running errands. Eli is obsessed with his birthday and wishes it could be every day. As we were bumping along, he started listing off things he would want if his birthday were imminent.

Eli: I want a lot of things, but mostly I want a knife jacket.

Me: What's a knife jacket?

Eli: A jacket that's a knife, you know Mom?

Me: I do not know.


Whenever someone asks Eli how he's doing he always replies, "Pretty good".


His new (and sort of endearing) thing to do whenever he's in trouble is to scream, "NOT AGAIN!!! NOT AGAIN!!!". Tonight he hit Sammy and I told him to go to timeout. "NOT AGAIN!!!" It's said with such desperation. The phrase is starting to work it's way into other areas of his life. Whenever I go to put lotion on him (a punishment worse than death) he screams "NOT AGAIN MAMA!". It sort of breaks my heart in a hilarious sort of way.


He is way in to discipling Sammy. The other day Sammy was yelling in the car and Eli said, "SIR! You do NOT yell in the car. You will go to timeout!" It was a little horrifying to hear my own words yelled by my 3 year old at my 1 year old.


Today Dan told Eli to "hang tight" while they were waiting in line at the store. Eli replied, "Dad, I'm already hanging tight!"

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