Saturday, May 18, 2013

Florida Trip 3

Here are a smattering of pictures that just need to go up. Most are from in and around the lodge. 
There's a bouncy house? WHAT?!

Its not child abuse if they ask you to build them a small, enclosed house the can't get out of. 

Everyone left at different times. We lingered in Inverness the longest and went swimming one last time in the lake (I have no idea what it's name is). I love this lake. Warm and perfect. 

For dinner we decided to eat with the locals. 

I got fried everything. It was so heavenly. 

A morning run around the property. 

Oh Florida I miss you already. 

Friday afternoon we met up with my cousin Gianna and her kids down at the air force base in Tampa where her husband is stationed. It was so great to see her! Eli loved being on base and seeing all the airplanes. 

Hot tub!

There was an actual gun range on the property but I was little wary of Eli being around actual firearms (I'm a real buzz kill). Dan, being amazing, set up a nerf range on the patio. It was epic. There's little Lincoln with his hat on. Love!

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