Tuesday, May 15, 2012

New House

We did it! Holy cow April was an insane month... seriously...let us never speak of it again. Buying a house is an experience I never want to...experience...again. So much stress. But owning a house! Now that's a whole different story. I LOVE it here. Our house is just perfect for us. We're still getting settled and unpacking boxes but things are really starting to feel like home. Eli loves his new room...I can hear him right now up there supposed to be napping but instead playing with toys. Oh well.

I haven't snapped a ton of picks of our house because things are still pretty disheveled what with the move and all. I'll put more on here as I get things organized and put away. For now here's a smattering. 

 The area is wonderful. We have four duck ponds within 2 blocks of our house. We go for walks almost every evening to feed the ducks and watch the sunset over the lake. 
 This is the front of the house. I'm working on getting some flowers planted but I love the little bed up front. I have lots of plans for it. 

This is the entry way door. I want to replace those curtains and paint that brown wall as soon as I do the other million things on my to do list. 

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